For those who want to look good, invest in NFT's while literally saving animal life, these 8,000 amazingly dressed fearsome hyped beasts NFT were born to do the trick.

* Reveal in 24h or after sold-out.

The Stray Cats Roar!

Be part of a unique kind of collectibles designed with a extreme aesthetic sense, a roadmap to the ultimate community and a meaningful donation plan that will ultimately save lives.
Claim your Stray Cats and be part of the change.

No Bonding Curve!

Each Stray Cat is 0.06 ETH (+gas) with no "fomo pricing strategies".

Straightforward fairness for everyone who wants to become a Stray Cat owner.

Industry Standard Artwork

Take a peek, Stray Cats are different.

We have a long experience working with videogame art and made sure to bring senior concept and illustration knowledge to each one of the 150+ traits.

Pro-community culture

Stray cats stick together. We are committed to use a % of transaction fees to raise the floor and further increase the value of your street dwelling kittens.

This project were built from the ground up to last and be valuable to our investors

Have your say!

Come talk with us, we won't bite.

The Stray Cats Roadmap

Stray Cats is a step towards a more eco-aware future for crypto aiming to donate 50 ETH+ towards pro-animal causes and become a ever lasting endeavor to strenghten the nft community for years to come.

  • Charity: +10 ETH will be donated for animal protection causes.
  • Community: +2 ETH transferred to our CW.
  • Airdrop: 5 Stray Cats will be randomly airdropped to collectors who hold one of the 20% first cats.
  • Upgrades: Our Discord will be receive every feature a community needs to thrive.
  • Charity:+10 ETH will be donated for animal protection causes.
  • Community: +4 ETH transferred to our CW.
  • Airdrop: 5 Stray Cats will be randomly airdropped to collectors who hold one of the 40% first cats.
  • Contest: The challenge will be announced and the winners will receive Stray Cats!
  • Charity: +10 ETH will be donated for animal protection causes.
  • Community: + 6 ETH transferred to our CW.
  • Community first: 1 ETH giveaway for a random Stray Cat holder!
  • Charity: +10 ETH on donations to animal protection causes.
  • Community: +8 ETH transferred to our CW.
  • Liquidity pool will be initiated.
  • Contest: The photographers who take the coolest IRL stray cat picture will receive an awesome prize!
  • Charity: +10 ETH on donations to animal protection causes.
  • Community: +10 ETH transferred to our CW.
  • Rarity Map release.
  • Rarity tools listing!
  • Loyal Cat: +3 ETH Airdrop for 3 random Stray Cat holders who minted 20+ cats
Post sold-out
  • Long term: Multiple initiatives to benefit the community on the long term will be held with help of a voting system on our discord server. Including but not only, determine the allocation of secondary sale earning, the use CW.

  • Making history: with 50 ETH to distribute over time towards animal protection causes, we want you to come with us on the most expressive 100% crypto-based pro-environment initiative. We are going be part of history as a relevant milestone towards a brighter future for NFT’s. And be sure that because of you literal animal life will be saved. 

Technical Information & Security

Each Stray Cat is a one of a kind NFT generated from 150+ possible traits, from clothing, headgear, facial expressions and species.

They were born to be the mightiest of them all, and yeah, they are.

The cats are stored as ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum blockchain.

There are #8000 Stray Cats with no bonding curve, each cat costs 0.06 ETH + gas and that's it.
Activations require Meta Mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stray Cats is a collection of 8,000 NFT’s. Each one is a unique digital collectible based on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC-721 Token. Stray Cats are composed of big cats, high fashion clothing and each trait have been hand painted by our passionate designers to represent a broad community in the NFT world.

Being a Stray Cat is much more than just having a NFT profile picture with amazing artwork (not a clip-art). This is a community focused project, we will stabilish a 30 ETH community wallet for you to decide what to do with it, and, a % of our transaction fess will be used to raise the floor and help make your investments thrive. Your future is our product

Beyond that, Stray Cats is a opportunity to be part of one of the first NFT projects aware of the eco-problems related to crypto with a real and ambitious plan. We will use up to 50ETH to help to save literal animal life on planet earth.

Become a Stray Cat, get involved!

IRL cats? None, but Stray Cats 8000.

Here on our website you can click on “mint your cats” button. And soon you’ll be able to buy at opensea.io.

After you opening the Stray Cat NFT on OpenSea, you must click on the sell button and configure how you wanna sell it.

It’s where our cats go to swim and have fun. They are all there right now, take a look opensea.io

The reveal happens in 24h or just after sold-out. The rarity information will be available as soon as we have enough properties and traits minted.

Your stray cat looks freaking awesome and you want to use it commercially? Of course you can, that’s what NFT’s are all about. Share with us your derivatives!

With serious concern for the longevity of the project we have a post-sale roadmap that adresses long term concerns. We are gonna always be in chase for effective actions to keep the community fully engaged.

Come talk with us! discord.gg/straycatsnft 
We don’t bite often.


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